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To Beast or Not to Beast…That is the Question

“Among all living creatures studied thus far by modern scientists, only human beings can be said with absolute certainty to have been endowed with the ability to make deliberate choices about the direction of their lives, and to discern whether those choices will lead them through the valley of transitory happiness or into a realm of a lasting peace and well-being…”

What is a beast?

Being a beast is not just about training hard and pushing your body’s limits.  It is also a lifestyle and a frame of mind.

It’s pushing yourself in all parts of your life.  It’s challenging your health, your diet, your mind, your body and your social interactions.

How do I become a beast?

Find your limits and push past them.  Find your comfort zone, and go beyond it.  Find your weaknesses and strengthen them.  All greatness in life, all successes  are products of hard work and failures.  They come from discomfort and struggle.  That is the journey you have to set yourself on if you want to see results.  Our struggles and hardships make us appreciate our successes all the more.

Whenever you hear “You can’t”, whether it comes from someone or from yourself, you have to say “watch me.”  That my friends is the Beast.

And I’m here to help it emerge.


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