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Fitness Inspiration: Natalie Shares Her Story

Weight loss and getting in shape is a common theme in many people’s lives.  Some people spend their whole lives dieting and trying different fitness fads while others struggle with their weight after reaching a certain age, having kids or coping with a tragedy.  Fortunately, there are some reliable and effective tools and programs out there that work, though it may take some time to find them. 
One of these programs is called LiveFit and was created by Jamie Eason on the bodybuilding.com website.  This is a program I use and one that has helped Natalie. Here is her story:

I am a SAHM of 2: a 9 month old and a 2½ year old. I have never before in my life been more than 5 pounds over my ideal weight but when having kids, I gained 25 pounds with my first — lost every bit of that weight within 10 months and then got pregnant in my 11th month post-pregnancy — gained 50 pounds with that second pregnancy.  I tell ya, it’s been so very hard to lose this second round of weight gain due to sleep deprivation and the very long days I’m keeping with keeping up with and raising our two children.  It was easier to just eat snack foods and microwavable meals because they were quick, when tending to the demands of the kids. I joined a gym back in August 2011 in hopes to start getting some of this weight off, as it was affecting me mentally and physically.  But it wasn’t until I started the LiveFit program with the clean eating and workout routines that the weight started falling off me.  I had not lost but 2 pounds since August and put those on plus a few more over the holidays but within 20 days of being on the LiveFit program, I lost nearly 10 pounds, I dropped a couple dress sizes and I am finally seeing muscle to my form.  Not only this but my energy level is where I can actually go all day and not feel like I want to take a nap throughout the day.  I’m able to keep up with my kids, which has made me a better mom and wife and my husband calls me Super Woman now with all the things I’m getting done around the house (cooking, cleaning and projects getting completed) along with how he sees me interacting with the kids.  I don’t feel depressed anymore, my husband and I are actually becoming intimate again and my confidence is back.

At the beginning of Jamie Eason's program.

With learning the clean eating aspect, I have learned to like foods that I never did before: onions, celery, baby greens, vinaigrette, turkey, chicken, spices and spicy foods.  Keep in mind, I have been a vegetarian all my life so the foods like turkey and chicken were never in my meals plans before.  I am venturing out with new foods which has gotten my husband excited, as he has always wanted me to try new foods and to be able to enjoy these meals with him.

Before kids picture, and current motivation.

With the workout routines, I have learned an array of new exercises that I have never seen before or would have thought to do until now.  I have always enjoyed working out but now I crave it because I love learning new things and I am actually seeing rapid results from this.  I am still amazed that Jamie Eason didn’t at least charge people $20 a head for this program but instead, the humble generous person that she is has gone and done this completely free for the betterment of the public, from the goodness of her sweet heart and goes to show that public figures aren’t all greedy individuals.  She is a gem and one of a kind!  I hope to meet her one day to personally thank her for what she is doing for me and my family.  Because of her hard earned knowledge and research, she is helping my family to live a long and healthy life away from the cancer causing processed foods. Thank you, Jamie Eason!


 To check out Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program, click here.


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