Beast List

Beast list? What is that you say? Well it’s a list of beasts of course!!! Actually it’s more of a list of challenges and goals I plan on completing (or at least attempting). This is a rolling list, so I plan on adding items when they come to me. The first six items I plan on completing by the end of 2012 then I can move on to the next ones.  I encourage everyone to make a similar list, not only will it make you think about what it is you really want to accomplish but it serves as a visual reminder to get it done.  It should be challenging, it should contain goals that seem impossible but are quite plausible given the right mindset and motivation and tools for success.

  • Run my first marathon Baystate Marathon, MA 10/21/12
  • Raise $2.5k for charity for marathon raised $200 and realized I’m not good at asking for money
  • Run a Spartan Beast Was aiming for the Ultra Beast (beast run twice back to back) but only managed one loop. So accomplished this..sort of.
  • Start a blog (see what I did there? BAM already knocked one off the list)
  • Become fluent in Irish (Gaeilge) by the end of the year (2013)
  • Write a blog post in Irish…Or start another blog in the language
  • Complete 10 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 1000 crunches
  • Run an ultra marathon (50 mile, 100 mile)
  • Run two races in a day
  • Get a picture in for Future of Fitness in Oxygen Magazine
  • Become an American Gladiator (we all have dreams right?)…or at least look like one.
  • Sky dive

What’s your Beast List?


4 comments on “Beast List

  1. Awesome! To short a list aim higher. :)

  2. Your list is awesome! Cant wait to cheer for you when your on TV!

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