Make a Difference

This site is about making a change in your life and inspiring others to do the same.  So why not help to change other’s lives?  Many of us take for granted the choices we have every day, while others have no choice at all.  Let’s make a conscious effort to pay if forward this year and donate to a good cause in aspiration that whatever amount we can do will bring forth even a small ray of hope in someone’s life.

There are so many options out there:

  1. Donate to a charity (I will link to my own fundraiser below in hopes you like me enough to donate)
  2. Donate your time and volunteer at a shelter/charity
  3. Fund raise for an organization
  4. Donate your skills to a foundation for free
  5. Smile at someone (You would be surprised how much a smile can do)

If you want to donate some monetary funds to a good cause and aren’t sure which one, please consider my fundraiser.  I am raising money for Hope for Haiti and any amount will help. If you are interested in helping me fund raise please contact me and I can add you to my team (look, you just took care of option #2 and #3 from above).  Donate Here

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