Fitness Inspiration: Do Not Fear What You Can Become- Mickel’s story

Mickel is a fellow Spartan who continues to inspire me and many others.  He not only inspires with his words, he inspires with his actions. He strives to push his limits to see what he can achieve, and this is exactly what being a Beast is all about. Here is his story: So I made […]

Weekly Challenge: Processed Foods

Challenge: Eat clean for a week. This challenge will be very difficult for some people, and fairly easy for others.  I previously wrote a post about what constitutes a “Clean” diet.  For this challenge, I am going to set a few simple guidelines to make things easier.  This is the first Beast challenge, so this […]

Cleaning up your diet

Let’s be honest here, we live in a world where we are surrounded by fast food and twinkies.  We are constantly looking for the most convenient, fastest and easiest way for everything.  It’s human nature to want the easiest way.  The fact of the matter is that if you want to see results and accomplish […]

The Beast List

Call it what you will, but it’s basically a goal list.  What you hope to accomplish in the near future or maybe even in the not so near future.  A “Beast” list is taking it to another level.  It’s still a goal list, but it’s more ambitious than that.  It needs to include some items […]

Fitness Inspiration: Natalie Shares Her Story

Weight loss and getting in shape is a common theme in many people’s lives.  Some people spend their whole lives dieting and trying different fitness fads while others struggle with their weight after reaching a certain age, having kids or coping with a tragedy.  Fortunately, there are some reliable and effective tools and programs out […]

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To Beast or Not to Beast…That is the Question

To Beast or Not to Beast…That is the Question

“Among all living creatures studied thus far by modern scientists, only human beings can be said with absolute certainty to have been endowed with the ability to make deliberate choices about the direction of their lives, and to discern whether those choices will lead them through the valley of transitory happiness or into a realm […]